Thursday, 26 November 2009

Exaggerated emotions

In this Topic we are looking at exaggerated actions and emotions.

As humans we rely on body language a huge amount without even realising it, for example it would be very confusing if you were saying how angry you are while grinning, or if you were explaining how happy you are with a grumpy expression across your face, this would probably be seen as sarcastic. Generally we can tell if a person is happy or sad just by looking at their expression and stance, but in animation the characters can’t convey their emotion without the help of an animator and from an animators point of view it is not very easy to show any kind of emotion without exaggeration.

The aim of this topic is to demonstrate three exaggerated emotions and to demonstrate one of the principles of animation, morphing.

My first attempt at this went horribly wrong as I misunderstood what was meant by exaggerated emotion, I interpreted this as extreme emotion i.e. hysterics, crying or anger.
There fore there was no exaggeration in my animation although I did show morphing but it is very difficult to see, therefore I am going to make another animation clearly showing exaggerated emotion and more obvious morphing.

Here is my First attempt working progress.

First attempt final Animation


This animation in my opinion is terrible, it doesn’t demonstrate morphing at all well, the quality of drawing leaves a lot to be desired and there is absolutely no exaggerated emotion. This animation is a complete fail and I WILL be doing it again!