Tuesday, 17 May 2011


This module is looking at the pre-production of animation. We are teaming up with the L6's and helping them with animating, Concept art, Set building, Backgrounds and whatever else they need finishing. We have all specified what our area of practice is, mine is Stop-Motion, and now we are researching techniques and methods to give us a better understanding and experience In our specialist areas.

I have started by looking at Stop-motion animation history to enhance my background knowledge of this subject and hopefully learn as many methods and different techniques as possible! To do this I have bought 'The Advanced Art of Stop-Motion Animation' by Ken A. Priebe, I have found this book to be most useful as it covers all aspects of Stop-motion animation.

After reading through the book I had a better knowledge of the history behind Stop-motion and then proceeded to look at different techniques and look into them in more depth.

Working with an L6 student

Story Board

After Karina showed us her story board we split the work up and started animating. As Karina is working on the production side of things she needed help with her animating so we animate and she edits it all together. We are using a technique that requires each frame to be drawn out in charcoal photographed then the next frame drawn over the top with the previous frame rubbed out, this leaves a shadow of the frames before. I have never used this technique before but found it to be an effective and mood provoking method of animating.

Working progress


Early stop-motion

Flaklypa Grand Prix

Jolly green giant

Nutcracker fantasy


Creepy Universe: Uncle creepy returns

Armature building

What is an Armature?

Armatures are the skeletal frames for stop-motion animation characters and models.

(A good Armature supplier: http://www.armaverse.com/default.html)

I have attempted to build my own armature, I feel it went well and i have happy with the end result.