Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Disney Brief

The aim in this brief is to create a new childrens character for Dinsey! I decided to make a stopmoation character as this is one medium that we hardly get to see in disney cartoons. I wanted my character to be a Non language speeking character like Morph or Pingu as i am aiming ay character at the younger age group 4yrs to 10yrs. I started by looking at existing characters.

My Anamatic

My finished Animation

After animating this project I found several issues with the final movie.


Asthetically the animation needs work. The lighting is very inconsistant, we can see the changes in light from the windows. The movement is also very jumpy, this is due to the timing and spacing. The use of dope sheets did improve the quality of the animation to begin with but when the mirror brakes the movement is very quick as the glass falls our of the frame, this is because i had no way of suspending the glass in the air and had to balance it on my character.
The camera movement is also very broken i tried to stop the camera moving by taping the tripod down but the desk it was attached to wasn't the most stable so there is alot of unwanted camera movement causing the tracking to be unsmooth.
There were also a few incontanuity problems, things in the background can be seen moving of their own accord this was because my set wasn't very accessable and i keept knocking the props when animating my character.


I was happy with the content, i believe my character shows a range of emotions and expressions. The most emotive aspect of my character is his eyes i was very happy with the way my modle turned out, his appearance and demena gave him personality and depth.


My narrative was also good. i felt the story was fairly origional and gave me the oppertunity to display a range of reactions and emotions. I found this animation very enjoyable to animate as well as watch!