Thursday, 3 December 2009

Bouncing ball

This topic is demonstrating another two principles of animation, timing and spacing and stretch and squash.

Timing and spacing is vital in animation to keep the animation running smoothly! Timing is literally the length of time something has happened and the spacing determines the speed it has happened.

Here is an example from Richard Williams’ ‘the animator’s survival kit’.

Stretch and squash demonstrates the characteristics of the ball, if it’s a particularly soft ball it will stretch and squash a lot where as if it was a ridged ball it wouldn’t, with this is mind I have decided that my ball will be fairly soft to help demonstrate this principle better.
To make my animation a bit more interesting I am including several obstacles for my ball to interact with, this will also enable me to change the speed of my ball clearly demonstrating timing and spacing as shown below.

My working Progress

I found this topic to be very beneficial, as it has helped me understand the most important aspects of animating. I have really enjoyed making this particular animation as the outcome has been so rewarding and this is most defiantly my best animation as of yet.

Final Animation

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