Friday, 16 July 2010

Critical Studies A History of Ardman

A History Of Ardman

The Birth of Ardman came about when Peter Lord and Peter Sproxton began their partnership in school. 1976 after graduating they moved to Bristol where they created “Morph”.
1982 The pair was able to develop their technique of animating characters to real-life conversations. As seen in “Early Bird”.
1985 Nick Park joined Ardman after meeting Peter and David at the national film and television school while working on “A grand day out”
1986 they collaborated with Stephan Johnson and made a rock video, Sledgehammer, which went on to receive many awards.
1990 “Creature Comforts” won the academy award for best animated short film.
1993 The completion of award winning “the wrong trousers” Ardmans first 30 minuet film. Now one of the most successful animated films ever. 1995 the production of Nick parks third oscar winning film “a close shave”.
1998 Ardman won a BAFTA for “stage fright”.
1998 “Rex the Runt” was first shown on BBC2, the first animated series for adults.
2002 “Chicken Run” Ardmans first full length film funded by DreamWorks. The film grossed over $220 million worldwide. 2002 The release of “Cracking Contraptions”.
2005 “The Curs of The Wear Rabbit” topped the box office charts in the US and UK and was awarded Best animated feature film and won a BAFTA for best British film.
2007 “Flushed away” the studio’s first CG film was nominated for a BAFTA a year after release.
2007 “Shaun the Sheep “ is released on BBC1 and CBBC in March.
2007 Ardman produces a US version of creature comforts.
2008 “A matter of loaf and Death” was broadcast on Christmas day. The winner of the best animated short film BAFTA.
Every Wallace and Gromit film has won a BAFTA. 2011 “Arthur Christmas is to be released and in 2012 “Pirates! – In an Adventure with Scientists is to be released.

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