Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Collaborative Project

For this project the animation students will be working with the Advertising students and the illustration students. We have to choose an item of confectionary and come up with an advert and advertising campaign for it.

Once we were in groups we had to choose a product to advertise, my group chose Cadbury Flake. Before we start planning our advert we looked at previous adverts as a starting point.

The original ads had a lot of sexual connotations then in 2009 Flake has gone for a comedic take on their original ads but the latest ad has gone back to the sexual theme. As a group we have decided to go in a completely different angle with our advert, by moving in a different direction we have made this completely our own idea. Our target audience is women aged 25 to 35, women with busy lives, mums and business women.

Brain storm

What does Flake make you think of?


After brain storming we then started thinking of advert themes.

'Flake out' - Busy women working all day sit down for a while with a flake and chill out before they 'flake out'.

'Stressed' - A stroppy woman is angry and stomping around slamming doors etc she sits down and eats her flake and her stress melts away.

'Accessary' - The Flake is an essential for women, something they cary around and are seen with like a new mobile or designer bag.

We then started coming up with advert ideas. After everyone in the group had come up with a few ideas we chose three to present to the class. After preenting our three ideas we decided on one idea and started working on fine tuning it.

We have chosen to set our advert in an aeroplane with a hostess as the main character. here are our story boards.


We then started developing our character designs.

Revised story board

Finalised Storyboard

Once we had a finished story board we then started animating. We split the work between the two animators each taking one half. I will be animating the last half.

Working progress
Animating templates

Animation test

New background

More Tests

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