Thursday, 7 April 2011

L6 Presentation

A presentation By Claire Hanson

Hello my name is Claire, and this is a presentation showing what I have to offer.

My area of practice is stopmotion. I love all aspects of this medium, set building modelling and finding solutions to animating restrictions such as making a character jump, I think stopmotion is the most rewarding form of animating due to the fact that I am a very hands on person, I love creating and take pride in my work particularly the small things.

In this picture the model was launching himself off his back onto his feet we had to use a hair tied around him to keep him suspended without our hands being in the shot.

I pride myself on creating movement that shows personality and emotion, I also put a lot of effort into my characters expressions. I would say I’m a good person to have on a team because I look at the fine detail as well as the obvious. I may not be the best with flash, Photoshop or Maya but I'm confident using them and I am a quick learner, plus I’m willing to try anything and will do so to the highest possible standard.

I found Flash fairly easy to use once I knew the basics and picked it up quickly. I am confident animating with flash and find it enjoyable to use but would like to improve my skills further and develop a higher standard of animating.

Maya I found to be more challenging but enjoyed working in a 3D space, I found the modelling to be the most demanding and I defiantly would like more practice using this programme and hope to develop my skills as I feel this is my weakest area. I would also like the chance to play around with different textures and lighting, and generally improve my knowledge of this programme.

I’m not phased by new things and am pretty much willing to try anything, the more new experiences the better, whether it’s using a new programme, a new material or new equipment, I am hoping to learn as many new techniques and skills as possible.

I feel I would be most useful working on a stopmotion animation as this is what I enjoy most and is my strongest medium.


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