Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Armatuers and model heads

Model Heads and armatures

The task was to make three model heads with different expressions and take photos of them with the different lighting. This was designed to give us some experience using different lighting as well as practice making armatures.
I found this a good experience working with the different lighting how it can affect the mood and feel of an image.

Once we had finished the heads we moved onto making an armature. This was a bit more difficult as I had to make a skeleton first using a wire frame I then padded it out with masking tape before covering it in plastercine. By doing this I was able to see how easy the materials I used are to model with and what you can and can’t do with them for future reference.


Once I made my armature I found it very stiff and not very maluable and when it was moved and positioned the plastercine would rip at the joints and the wire would brake through. I need to try out different materials as well as thinner wire.

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