Wednesday, 17 March 2010

They Call Me Trinity

This topic is our first big stopmotion animation. We have been given a choice of scripts to pick from we then have to go off and turn the script into a stopmotion animation. My group has chosen “they call me trinity” A script about a bounty hunter called Trinity.
As a group we have decided our genre should be ‘space cowboy’. We have set our story on a strange desert planet inhabited by men, huge lizard humanoids and robots; Trinity is a big burley cowboy working as a bounty hunter keeping the criminals at bay.
For this animation we have to make the set, characters, props and background. To do this we are splitting the work between the group to make sure we get everything finished in time for animating. Each member of the group is making an armature and we will split the rest of the work between ourselves based on what each of our strengths are, as I have experience with textiles and offered to take charge of the sewing.

Working Progress

We wanted to make our set as detailed as possible to make sure the animation was convincing. This meant making clothes for the armatures, skirting boards for the walls, spiders webs for the windows, a cactus, extractor fan the liquor bottles for behind the bar, a head plaque and many other tiny details.


The first few scenes of our animation were based in a desert and this meant animating on sand, we found that we had to keep levelling out the sand as we were leaving hand impressions in it which were showing up on the pictures. One of our armatures was a robot horse which couldn’t stand on its own due to how heavy it was, we therefor had to rig it so it would stand, This was the main issue we had with all the armatures, the fact that they were made out of plasticine their bodies are too heavy for their legs to support them. Another problem we had when animating in the bar was that there were gaps at the corners of the set letting in light so we had to patch them up before we could continue.

TCMT testing scene 17 from Richard Whillock on Vimeo.

TCMT testing scene 22 from Richard Whillock on Vimeo.

Final Animation

They Call Me Trinity from Richard Whillock on Vimeo.

These are the DVD cover art

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