Sunday, 23 January 2011

Audio Animation

In this task we have been given a selection of audio clips and have to create a story based on the sounds. I have come up with a scary story of a girl in a house haunted by strange sounds which she investigates. The story starts with the girl in the kitchen cooking strange things start happening, as she sits down to eat the tv turns it self off, she turns it back on and it goes off again then there is a strange noise upstairs so she goes to investigate even stranger things happen when she is walking around the house so she runs back to the kitchen to call for help when the door shuts on its own and then she hears footsteps walking towards her...

Home Alone script

INT. KITCHEN. NIGHT A girl is cooking diner while watching TV. She sits down to eat and the TV turns off.
GIRL (under her breath)
The girl picks up the remote and turns the TV back on and carries on eating.
A few seconds pass and the TV turns itself off again.
Girl stands up and goes over to the TV and tries to fix the problem.
CUT TO: INT. CLOSE UP OF A CLOCK The clock stops ticking.
CUT TO: INT. KITCHEN. The girl notices the absent noise of the clock in the silence and turns around to look at it.
GIRL (to herself)
What's going on?
There is a sudden thud from upstairs.
The girl jumps and looks at the sealing listening to the noise.
The girl sneaks out into the hall and moves warily towards the stairs.
Peering around the banister she sees an open window blowing.
There is a vase on the floor at the top of the stairs.
(sighs and starts walking up the stairs)
CUT TO: INT. UPSTAIRS. At the top of the stairs the girl closes the window, turns around and picks up the vase, as she does so an old radio on a table next to her turns on, she freezes for a second then turns around slowly, puts the vase down and switches the radio off. The radio carries on making static noises.
The girl takes a step back then yanks the plug out of the wall but the radio carries on making noise.
GIRL (Under her breath)
Oh my god!
The girl rigidly turns around and runs down the stairs.
CUT TO: INT. HALLWAY. The girl runs through the hall and into the kitchen, as she does so we see upstairs become very dark and the darkness follows her down the stairs.
CUT TO: INT. KITCHEN We see the girl in the kitchen with a phone in her hand dialing frantically.
GIRL (in panicked breaths. trails off at the end)
The kitchen starts to get darker and we hear the door close then someone shuffling towards her as though their feet are shackled together.
(looking scared)
The girl is staring into the darkness breathing quickly.


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